Worcs Of A Dangerus Mind
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2003-02-26 23:24:22 (UTC)


it has been a while since i actually WROTE. i ahve been
buisy w/ school work, its really been stressing me out.
alot of things have happened laitly as well. i am going
back out w/ ballz. and very happy, our relationship can
only blossom more....the break really helped us. it gave me
time to think about everything.
as so i dont get upset, i am gonna talk about something
else, all my other thoughts are in my other diary.
i recently came on agian to wha i believe as the best
guitar player...eric clapton. his music has come on to me
and i really enjoy listening to him. he seems to have every
emotion u might feel, in a song. as he slams away on his
guitar ur worrys seem to almost...deseaper. and his voice.
o god his voice is so soothing. and can bring a smile to ur
face w/ "layla" or maybe "nobody knos you when yor're down
& out". and can quite possibly bring a tear to you eye with
the smooth sound of "tears in heaven" or "lonely stranger".
eric clapton has influenced many others to.
darn i g2g...to my g/fs to "study" ok bye

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