2003-02-26 23:03:37 (UTC)

Partly human

today was crap big sister thinks that she rules my life and
thought of the day
find the hegdehog in you

tip of the day
never insult big sister as others around me will under
stand when they see the blacy blueness and sometimes
purpleness and redness- it sooooooo sore, of
(in the right light it looks like a rainbow..... ahhh the
wondering of a mad 14 year girl do take thee to strange
places :/ ) my black eye.
want to no how my poor ittle eye was treated in this
appauling manner(cannot spell- blame keyboard- why might
you wonder is the keyboard not breaking as i insanly bang
it helplessly against the wall) and the answer is ("and
this apparantly happens all the time and is totally normal"
quote from sister liz) a giant hula hop hit me in the eye
throw as you can guess by liz
bye bye