REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-02-26 22:53:30 (UTC)

I havent written in here in a while

i havent writtin in here in a while. Lets see the past
couple days ive had alll the work, from like math. Mrs.
Piro is a friggen phsyco! lol haha, she gives sooo much
work. LOL i sd that to shannon and she was liek ready to
tackle me. Shes liek WHAT! you are blessed to have piro
omg you dont even know. LOL it was soo funny. Well right
now vanessas over:) shes chewing gum...yeah, and shes
sppining in my computer chair. B44 she pout the volume
really really high and someone sighned on lol, and it was
sooooooo loud. She screamed shes like HOLY CRAP i thought
someone closed the door:). I hope it snows tonight! It
suppossed to snow tomarrow but i dunno were suppossed to
have flurrys tonight! but thats crap u know! I have been
goin to school early these past days cause yea teachers
are gay. yestorday i had to go early to make up work in
connellys class. I had to do some resume crap. And then
today i had to go to kwiatkowskie...I had to finish this
stupid animal essay crap. Tomarrow ill go normal time.
Today was our pizza party:) its soo sad though:(
basketball season went sooo fast. Now its softball! i hope
i make it! omg i really really really wanna make softball!
its not even funny. Id rather make softball then
basketball! grr pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lemme make

Im soo scared about the GEPA test! like the worksheets and
stuff that piro gives us are inda hard. Im really really
scared. I think im gonna go like blank on the test day. IM
not like really worried about the language art test but i
am about the math part. RAR! yestorday i went to the all
star game, jenna, and ryan! GOOD JOB! you guys did awsome!
rosner, jimmy, and matt! you guys did awsome to! i didnt
get to stay for the little contest thing. I was getting
really tired and i had mad homework. I have mad homework
tonight to...mrs kwiatkowskie never gives us homework but
when she does its like sooo much. I have to write a 4
paragraph essay on comparing and contrasting harriete
tubman and susan b anthony. Even if four paragraphs arent
a big deal, the topic makes up.....GR! and her class is
murder. I wanna like fall asleep lol. I gtg chill wit
vanessa! peece

Vanessa loves SVS...

no one to love lol