my life, my love and my happiness?
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2003-02-26 22:37:13 (UTC)

frosting and apple jacks

today was fucking awsome i had so much fun. well classes
sucked but other than that it was mad kewl. math was
fucking horrable b/c i was still pissed about
everything... but i got over it and relized there is no
scence in being pissed off over all of this b.c i just get
myself more worked up than i need to be. then i went to
ais and ate my cookies and did the worksheet. then went to
gym and played speed ball atcuall i just ate katrinas
apple jacks the whole time...... then i went to ummm oh
yeah the library. i got the good computer that still has
aim on it and i talked to will. he is doing good and he is
working on his cd i cant wate to hear it. i love that kid
so much. i wish i could see him. but i can so.... if i
could drive i could but yeah i am wating till the summer
when i dont have as much stress in my life. then i went to
art and amanda left early so i sat with olivia katrina and
kayla... yeah kayla came in with katrina and there was a
sub so she didnt really care. then i went to C lunch and
ate mad food. then back to art kayla left and i got a lot
done while i was in there. thank god b/c i havent been in
class in like forever. then i went tocreative foods and we
made cake and played with frosting and made roses. then me
and jenna went to mrs celests room and yeah she wasent
there. we need to get premission slips for the trip to the
museum on fri. i already went to it but hey if i can get
out of school why not go again. then i got on the bus and
slept. jay didnt come to school today so i dont know if he
is acting weird or if it is just me. so...... and yeah i
am talking to kylie right now about the fight and stuff.
maria brought up my pizza kits and i made one of them.
damn theses things are fucking good. and i am watching
sabrina. boring but i think i am gonna work out and then
get in the shower and do some home work so i will bbl

ughhh my stomach hurts i ate to much pizza!!!!! talking to lauren
rich and umm yeah thats about it!!!!
watching :will and grace

kayla and i are atalking and it is weird. i dont know we like hated
each other a month ago. i just dont like being mean to ppl at this
very moment in my life.

and jay imed me. it wasent wierd. thank god i like it better now
i didnt like not talking to him,i thought he thought i was crazy but
i guess he dosent. he thinks i am an ass though but i know i am so
it is ok.`and yeah i am soo happy me and amber are talking. i wanna
tell you all about tomarrow but it is a secret* haha
watching:that 70's show

i pierced my ears today and yeah it was kewl. they kinda hurt but it
is all good. haha i think i am gonna go work out now., see yall
later. im out!
listing to:juliana theroy

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