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2003-02-26 22:17:25 (UTC)

Kickin school to the curb for a day

Hello all my loyal readers out there!
Yeah so, This whole week of school is a waste of my time
and its humiliating to my intelligence. PEOPLE GO TO SCHOOL
TO LEARN, not sit in class and do busy work for 4 hours
because all the teachers are gone on a stupid senior trip!
my time more wisely.. I slept. If Im not gonna be
challenged mentally at school, I will just relax at home
and be dumb for a day ;) LOL j/k.
Anyhow If my past entries seem morbid.. sorry. Im not at
all that way, just certain people and certain times can
effect the way I feel, thats the whole purpose of a diary-
to track the ups and downs in life. Today has been nice..
but boring. Greg and I were supposed to run today.. I went
running before we were supposed to ( to try and get better
at keeping up) around 12:30. It was soo cold.. and As I ran
the damn wind kept blowing cold drizzle in my face.. I
thought my ears would fall off! Come to find out he didnt
go to school his full day (yep we are slackers). Yeah so we
decided NOT to go running.. good decision. I really miss my
friends.. Not just Heather and erica.. but
Brittney,Lori,Brittany,Melissa, and Pam.Gosh, school just
isnt the same without the crew.Im just glad my other group
didnt go. today Is Lynette's Birthday- So EVERYONE GIVE A
SHOUT OUT To AMAPOLA03 on AIM. Yeah so, Once again Brian
called me today, he called to ask why I didnt come by work
yesterday when I told him I would drop by to say hey. I
told him we left the mall before he got there.. truth is I
wouldnt have known what to say to him had i went in.
What? "hey there... uh.. so.. whats new?" Its alot harder
than that. Our convo today consisted of me telling him what
Greg and I were up to, I dont mean to pour salt into his
wounds but.. whether he likes it or not Greg is a BIG part
in my life. He asked me if I loved Greg, and i said yes I
really do.. he didnt say much after that.He then told me he
had to go study for his Motor Learning class, and he would
talk to me later.Yeah so we said goodbye.. I know it wont
be our last. Life is funny, but I feel today that life is
really good. Why do I have a right to whine and complain
over things that dont even matter? Why be paranoid over
every little thing. If it is meant to be it is meant to be,
and Dammit Im really lucky. I have the best boyfriend ever,
I have the best damn senior class of 03 because all of us
are close, I have my shopping, and I have my crazy
weekends! So yeah... this weather sucks eh?
Well i am off to church, trying to save youth group. maybe.
Anyways on this note Im leaving you guys to think about
your life.. Is everything really going that bad for you? Or
do you think perhaps we overanalyze and fret over every
little event.. Until next time

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