malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2003-02-26 21:18:43 (UTC)


i was walking down a hall at school today, on my way to
lunch, when i ran into three people i knew, and i thought
to myself, "who are these people?" i recognize
their faces, and i know their names, but who are they? i
mean do i really know any of them? i smile and nod and keep
going and then i began to hear all the senseless chatter,
all the weak gossip they let let slip from tongue to ear;
its meaningless, empty words... i don't know anyone, not
really, but can you ever really know someone? i stopped
walking and just stood there, like some absurd statue with
no life, no feeling but cold, cold as marble and alone, all
alone, not a soul do i really know, then i began to wonder
if i really knew myself, what am i really like? do people
really enjoy my company or are they just being kind? do
they really hate me, do i annoy those i wish most to
please? is empathy in my head and sweet roses how i wished
someone would come over and just shake me and fill my head
with silly thoughts and silly chatter... but there was no
one, in three seconds flat i was alone, no one was there.
just me, standing there, like a statue, cold like

-tragic ophelia