No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-02-26 20:52:22 (UTC)


Well, this week has been alright.
Monday I went to school, like usual. I hung out with Terry
after school...met his dad. We just drove around and stuff.
Yesterday I took Benadryhl (or however you spell that) and
it knocked me out. I was so tired. It wore off and I took
more when I went home. I slept from 2:20-3:30..Terry came
over...left at 3:55 for work...and I went back to sleep
until 7:21. I woke up, thinking it was the next morning and
was about to get ready for school and I looked at the clock
again and thought Terry came by and my mom told him I was
sick. But, then I realized it was night and laughed at
myself. Then I talked to Terry and then Terry came over at
10:20 and he left at 10:55 and then I went back to bed.
Today I didn't do much...I went to school...I have early
release FCAT days...I'm gunna hang out with Terry later.
I gatta go.Bye.