Brad`s Journal
2003-02-26 20:01:15 (UTC)


The definition of a friend in the dictionary is "one
attached to another by affection or esteem, a favored
companion." Well I have met some great friends in my life
time some who have stabbed me in the back. They have to
remember that I WILL get my Revenge!!!! I have also met
some people that have changed my life around when i was
going through some tough times. Then there are those few
people (When I say "Few" I mean 2 or 3 people)In my life
that I consider my GREAT FRIENDS. Of course that is my
Family My Mom, Dad, and, My Sister. But then there is that
very special person that I consider my BEST FRIEND!!! I
would go so far as to say that we have become Soul Mates..
This Person I am talking about is always there to talk and
to give advice to me when I need it. You don`t usually find
special people like this that are always there with a smile
and a kind word of Encouragement when you are feeling down
in the dumps. She will always have a special place in my
heart. Her and I have had some very intresting discussions.
Some were bad but most of them were good!!! The way I see
it. Nothing can break the type of friendship that we
have!!! I know one day I will meet that special lady that I
will spend the rest of my life with. She will have to deal
with the fact that my best freind is a girl!!! If my wife
can`t handle that then that lady won`t be my life.
Friendship is a bond that can not be broken. I Just want to
take this time to say o say THANK YOU!!! Nichole Longstaff