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2003-02-26 16:40:38 (UTC)

little more background on the college thing...

Well, I never really said anything about how I ended up
here at AU. I ended up only applying to three schools- AU,
NYU, and USC. I applied to the art programs in New York
and Los Angelas and got rejected from both. Even though
American is a top private school and one of the best
Colleges of Public Affairs in the country, it was my
safety because I had a better GPA than avg. I had better
SAT scores than avg, and my ACT score was almost perfect
(lierally) and I wasn't applying to a writing program, so
my resume was enough to get me into the politcs degree
here. I got in. Kat had told me to apply, from the
theater, she'll be a senior in the fall and she's abroad
all year this year, currently in Prague. So even though
it's more expensive than NYU, I got in and somehow we got
the loans to pay for my first year here (since I didn't
get any scholarships at all) and hopefully we'll get the
money to pay for my next three years too. I know it's
hard, but I feel like it's worth it, my life has improved
by leaps and bonds since I got here. Even my relationship
with my mother is stronger than ever. I miss home a lot of
the time, and I figure now that I may want to live in
Maine, actually, in Wells, Me, on the beach if I can.
Atleast for the summers... I can't be away from there
during the summer, it's just not right.

So I gave up writing and moved here to study US politics.
I immediately got in with the AU College Republicans and
got a job at the Women and Politics Institute (where I
still work now). I became freshman lackey to the e-board
of the cr's, and now that title extends to the Kennedy
Political Union as well. They've even nominated me for a
seat in the General Assembly for the School of Public
Affairs. And next month I'll be running for the position
of CR Secretary :) Ambitious for a freshman, eh? Yeah, but
that's nothing...

I'm also involved with Chi Alpha. It's our Christian
Fellowship and for my Spring Break I'm going on my first
Missions Trip with xa to Teceta, Mexico to work with an
orphanage for the week. I'm very excited, but very
firghtened too... I've been having problems in my faith
for the last few weeks. Liz Cutting (from wells) killed
herself, and I find it hard to even pray like I used to.
is that strange? I don't know... I also attend Mass here
at our Spiritual Center (Kay), sunday nights (when I
remember/have the ambition to go...)

I've fallen into the role of the Little Conservative Irish
Catholic Girl fairly well. Kevin is a Liberal, and a
Congregationalist. So it's generally interesting between
us (then again, would I ever do anything mundane? I would
hope not...). And though I "gave up writing" in October I
switched from the Economics department to the Lit dept.
for my minor, so I'm still reading and writing lots.

I have mnidterms coming up for my second semester in
college and somehow I don't feel any different than I did
in High School. I'm still a little violent ball of stress,
I'm still always sick, I'm still lazy/manic, I'm still
little and clingy and I still have no idea how to interact
normally with the people who surround m everyday... so I
come here I suppose.