Right Here In My Arms

My Sacrifice
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2003-02-26 16:03:17 (UTC)

I'm Back

well i am back sorry for the small delay in not writing on
the diary but bloody telstra

ok word up to this i am drunk my flatmates of well since
saturday is giving me the shits. sorry adam if you read
this but i tell the truth

this is a small apologie to amber my dear friend i have
been a cunt and i am sorry for it i have given up any
chance of anything happening and from now on i am fully

this is for someone who will know who they are and so will
some others but i will say it anyways i really do miss you
as a true friend and everything else we had you are a top
chick and we had some great fun i just wish that i could
have the chance to be able to show you my true feelings
again you have to be one of the most beautifulest persons
i have ever met i just wish what i heard tonight wasn't
true not that i have anything against him but i couldn't
see you being as happy as you could be you are a fun
loving person and you should be free to do what you want
not tied down to him if you know what i mean and i am
truely sorry for all the pain and shit that i have caused
in the past year or so

any7ways as for the rest of yas

start donatingi am poor as always i need the cash for all
my funds and amber is in need to

as for anyone who knows wombat tell him to just bring it
hes a dole bludging dog

oh well the bourbon is taking effect hate that as always
my final thing

drug of choice : bourbon is the key
music of choice: sunk loto - make me feel