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2001-10-09 02:53:09 (UTC)

~*Monday, October 8, 2001*~

Dear Diary,
How are you? I'm pretty good. Sorry I haven't written
in so long. I've been busy with school and friends and
stuff. My day today, I guess went alrite. This past week
I haven't been in the best of moods though. Just because
of all the bullshit and drama going on in my life. But I'm
getting better...I just have to think posotive and realize
that everything will be great. OMG! you'll never believe
it...yesterday I came home from school and my mom had a
note that this guy left on our porch for me. It was this
guy I dated like 7 months ago. His name is Cliff and he
lives in Anaheim. He was the first person I was with after
Mike. Me and him only dated for two weeks...he had just
broke up with his girlfriend of 2 years and we both just
weren't over our ex's yet so we decided not to be
together. But we had had a blast together and we knew we
would regret it if we broke up. We ended up doing it
anyway and we didn't talk at all for like 7 months. The
note said that he wanted to apologize for the way he
treated me and that if I could forgive him he would love to
hear from me. So I called him and he ended up showing up
at my door like an hour later. For some reason I was
really excited! He's so cute and back then I liked him
alot! I'm hoping maybe we can pursue a
relationship...because it really seems like he wants one.
He was telling me how much he thought about me and how much
he always wanted to come see me but just didn't have the
guts. Anyway...were gonna hang out on
hopefully we'll get together or something...and Sunday were
supposed to go to church so that will be fun! Heehee my
mom just pissed me off...she won't let me use the I don't feel like typing anymore...I'm gonna go
and try and sneak some calls...heehee :)