Chunky munk311

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2001-10-09 02:52:52 (UTC)

Today i realized one thing. If..

Today i realized one thing. If i ever wanna make it
musically i have to find someone else to play guitar for my
band. Right now there is this joke of a guy who thinks he
can just never show up to practice and it really pisses me
off. I work hard to be able to do what I do and he never
shows up when it's time to work together. O well me and my
drummer got to talk about alot today. He's a really cool
guy everyone thinks he's really quite but he's not he's
just into different stuff and unless your into the same
thing he's just not real talkitive. Sometiems i wish i
could kick david (our guitar player) out and find someone
else. He's such a faggot anyways the only reason we let
him in is cause he's really good at the guitar but i dont
give a shit anymore. And i dunno if i agree with the
message they want to send out. I'm just a normal guy that
likes music and wants to do it seriously, i dont wanna put
down religios choices like they want to. I just wanna be
in a party band where we talk about fun stuff and party all
the time not the "disturbed artist" bullshit that's going
on right now. If i had it my way bands that complain
wouldnt exist. O well enough about that for today.
Tomorrow is me and katies 9th month aniversary. That's
cool i hope we do something cool. I love katie she's so
cute and funny. I wonder sometimes why she's with me.... I
left my cd's at tanners house and i'm pissed i allways
leave them over there. Tanner is one of my best friends
he's allways doing something stupid to get a laugh, in a
way it's really dumb but i kinda like it. My other friend
justin has been my friend since preschool, he's a goofy
bastard. He's a white boy with long dreads and up until
friday night he hadnt even made out with a girl. HAHA some
senior wanted him so bad that she came to tanners house and
he finally broke the cherry boy fase. That's pretty sad
when your a sophmore in highschool and u just made out with
someone. I've got really cool friends. I like to hang out
with the smokers one weekend and the jocks kinda the next
weekend. Both groups of people give me a different out
look on things which is allways important. o well that's
about it kids tonights quote shall be from bob marley ("I
smoked two joints before i smoke 2 joints and then i smoke
2 more" love peace and chicen greece