Random Thoughts from My Insides.
2001-10-09 02:52:16 (UTC)

analyzation of douglas

so...doug is a pain in my ass. but somehow, i love him
deeply. and i don't mean 'in love' or whatnot...he's
married. even tho unhappily i think, but anyway...his wife
scares me and i'm sure she could beat my ass to a pulp, so
forget that. anywayz, all doug does is bish and moan about
how much he hates work, but, nevertheless, he's still
working here. today i was amused, because he had some
visitor..this hot italian looking girl..that i suspected as
his mistress...or one of his mistresses, until last time
she visited with her fiance, but blah...all he did was
complain and whine to her about how much his job sucks, and
blah blah blah...2 other people that we work with, came up
to me and said..'if he hates it and complains so much, why
is he still here?'... good question. doug..why are you
still here? i hear his whiney story all the time, and i
kick his ass often because i get sick of hearing it, but it
was amusing to see i wasn't the only one noticing how
whiney he was. but, dougs a stud, with an ugly wife...i
keep telling him divorce..but..she has some special power
over him. i think she cast a spell or something. who
knows. but, i love doug, even though he has issues.