lost in the dark
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2001-10-09 02:44:00 (UTC)

One more Friend...

Entry, Had a nice time tonight. Went out for coffee with
Velvet. Had a nice talk about intentions and just talking
about this and that. Now Velvet nows that I was not trying
to lead her on, I was just having fun with the people that
I knew. Like I always do. And Velvet it took it well, sorta
disappointed about it. Knowing that I was attacted to
someone else and not her. I knew from the day that I meet
Velvet that if anything happens it would be just friends
and nothing more. I think now that when I told her "If it
was another time something could have happened."
I am pondering this, and I know that nothing could have
happened between us. Velvet is really nice and able to talk
to her. Going beyound that no. She is like myself in many
ways. We like are friends and now the type of people that
we want to have as friends. And that is kewl, because most
of the people that she knows, I know and that is just kewl.
Well there is one more friend that I can add to my list.
And of late that list has not be growing. But, tonight it
grows by one :).
Well, there we go. Sometimes things happen over a nice
cup of coffee. The best place to talk about things is over
that cup.
Entry, This weekend has been full of surprises. And very
interesting to say the least. But, still having dark
thought's which can never leave me. But, that is for
another post. I bid you a good night Entry.

Lost in the Dark...