The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2001-10-09 02:33:48 (UTC)

Today..oh how much fun i did have!..yah right!

Ok well i think the title speaks for
sucked..i woke up..went to work and came home around
6:00pm...i didnt do any of my homework, i dont undertand
any of it...oh well..not much else today sucked...i've gone
all depressed now and i dont quite know why, for som reason
all i can think of is depressing ive been
crying for the past half hour and Ashley hasnt been home
for me to call and talk to so i have been waiting for Will
to get online, b/c what i really want is to hear/see
his "supportive" words..oh well i am sure that sounds
stupid but its true, love you all