Sandy's Brain
2001-10-09 02:28:14 (UTC)

Finger Eleven

F11 is sooo my favourite band. I mean, without question.
I'm going to see them Saturday, my 3rd time ever (if my mom
will let me...actually, no! I'm going!!). They are great
live, and they play with so much energy, they really get
people moving. My first time, I wasn't really there to see
them, but I was, key word...can't describe
it! I think my fav song by them would have to be Above,
partially because of the lyrics and also the the
beat...gotta love the beat! Also, awake and dreaming, sick
of it all, walking in my shoes, jeez, everything!
Bones and joints, broken words (the lyrics, my gosh), I'm
forgetting some...I know.
Back when they were Rainbow Butt Monkeys (i don't like that
name) I LOVE cookin in the kitchen, and Dananana...and
Damn, am I crazy or what? Ya, crazy describes it. But I
love them...
Last concert (sept. 10) was the first time I ever went
crowd surfing...and what fun it was! The people were so
nice though...helping me up when I fell. I LOVE YOU! Even
though I don't know you....
I think Finger Eleven lyrics really me, that
is. I can understand something out of them. I'm not
making sense...
I can relate a lot of it to life, whether it's my life, or
someone elses...
Well, that's my f11 blab...I love them!!