What's the point!
2001-10-09 02:26:16 (UTC)

Haha just this litte song I made up CRACKS ME UP!!!!

If I one night with you, I would ask if you would stay
with me, and never leave my sight again....ohh baby cant
you see you take my breath......away like nothing I have
felt, before.... I just can't keep my eyes off you... You
look at me with those sexy eyes you want me too I can
see..cant you come back to my place, I'll show what you
deserve ...I'll drive you crazy like you should, you'll
never want to let me go.......
Lets just get it on and not look back just you and me, all
night long...
Our body's wrapped, your tongue and mine...the touch of
silk beneath our skin....I'll rock you over again my sweet.
The taste of your salty skin turns me on I need you now...
Come on baby lets get it know where ya gotta go..
I need your touch dont be soft...were gonna celebrate all
it doesnt matter if were loud...just dont hold back give it
all you got...
I'll take control just not too got to show me
what you got....
Ohhh baby now that's what I you know all my I just cant get enough..just dont stop what
you got...
Now it's time for me to show.. you just what I got..
Baby hang on to my chest..let your body feel free....
I got you now I hear you moan, This is nothing just you
wait..I got this trick and then your hooked......
I'll fuck you hard and watch you scream!!!
You've never had someone like me..I'll give it to you all
night long........The night goes on and then we sleep.
You wake up hands across the call my name and
I'm not there...You didnt think that you could have me all
the time..I rocked ya world that's all you get. Time to
move on but your hooked... You search around you finally
find me you beg and scream...I turn around and walk
away..It's just a game that's how I work.. now ya hooked
and I have's time to move on now I'm gone.....