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2001-10-09 02:24:27 (UTC)

Better... or not

So, I'm not freaking out quite so much. I think my ear
will be ok. My ear is looking somewhat better. I think
it's because I was using hydrogen peroxide, and according
to Emily, it can react with the metal, or whatever in the
earrings and do funny things. So I've actually done my
homework... I did a lot of research online today, and
hopefully I'm cool.

And... drumroll please... I finally got my college essay
back from my teacher. (One of our assignments in Lit was
to write a college application essay) And I got an "A-" in
content. Which, considering how stringently she grades
essays, is phenomenal!

Otherwise, it was a totally Alexander day. (You know:
terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day). Right down to
getting stuck in gum. But at least mine was on my ass, and
not in my hair.

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