2001-10-09 02:13:59 (UTC)


ok so i dunno about all this shit i have this stuff on my
other computer but i cant get it on this one but i dunno
who cares wow what is tommorrow 9 months haha well yea but
we broke up once for like a week i dunno if we are goin to
count that or what but i guess im not i dunno what were
gonna do cuz i havent been able to talk to him he was
playin in his band well i dunno if they are even good i
know brooke guy haha isnt that a cute name david (fag) and
brian my babi he plays the bass hehe i think he is good
better then daivd haha well neways what did i do today
flunk three classes i so need to start workin on my
homework and shit b/c my grades are what counts not my
friends well they do and all but i need to concentrate more
on that then do stupid shit well then also i had alot of
thinkin time b/c i didnt want to do my work i saw brian
today but i dunno he dosent talk to me in school i dunno he
has this thing where he doesnt like pda and i dunno that
what i want i guess haha that one song if you wanna keep me
in your arms like you gotta show me how you feel i mean i
dunno maybe im weird but i wish he would do that but then i
would have to admmit it would be weird i dunno i dont get
along with his friends well some of them and then like i
hate when he walks by and i dont even get a glace or a hi
or ever i dunno i mean why cant he do that i dunno if i
want to relasethis is dont want him to read it but then i
gues sit would be good if he did right? haha i dunno but
like about our anniversy 9 motnhs well i kinda think thats
long maybe it isnt compared to him i dunno even know if we
are doin something i wanted to get him soemthing but he
wouldnt have gotten me something so i would have felt bad
so i dunno i wanna get cool water but ill jsut get it ad
keep it for myslef who knows he wont every wear it he
already has some that he likes hmm well id unno if he even
wears i know he doesnt too school maybe he dosnet wnat to
smell like that aroudn his friends but ooh well and then
like when he is with his friends i mean they have
girlfriedns they talk to them durnin school why cnat he i
mean i dunno i think that has always been the main part of
our fights maybe i should just give it up he isnt goin to
be like them he is brian ....so then i dunno haha i have so
much shit goin on and then at home it sucks i think thats
why i wnat attention b/c i dont get any like lovin form my
parents so i want it form him haha well then also what i
was thinkin the other day is i hate when he acts like he is
mad or just like jokes around it so pisses me off b/c i
dunno if he is jokin or what and then he makes me feel
stupid i dunno i think i worry about it too much i love him
and he loves me right whats wrong nothin haha well xoxoxox

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