2001-10-09 01:58:23 (UTC)

Homecoming week

The wind blows gently,
And sweeps time away,
So lost in the moment,
Hope its always this way.

Time has flown by so fast, and everyday has brought so much
happiness and beauty, i could not as for more.

Friday we got out of school early to watch the Homecoming
parade and it was great. All week I had worked myself to
the bone on the float, and the time had finally come to see
it in action. Even thought most of the float got blown
down, and wasn't nearly as awesome, I knew, everyone knew,
that ours was the best :) Our float got 3rd, and mine,
caits, and erics window got 2nd, giving soph class 2nd
place in the school!!! I walked to the parade with Dustin,
Kelly, and Kristin and we, like always, had a blast watchin
it. After the parade Dustin and I headed to my house for a
little time before my family party. My sweet 16 came and
went so quickly, and I got my license Saturday morning. Me,
Caitlin, Kristin, and my family all went to Avantis and
then I opened up all of my presents. It was so much fun...
now, if caitlin and i can only think of something to do for
our party... ...

Homecoming. It was most likely the best day of my life. I
was surrounded by all of the people I love most, feeling
gorgeous and loved. thats something I haven't felt in so
long, and it felt.... beautiful. Like a fairy tale. It was
a crisp summer day, with light breezes, and the colors of
the trees and flowers just made it all..... so perfect. My
hair was swept up with pretty pins and curls, my black
dress swayed in the gentle wind, and the whole night
everyone told me how beautiful, and perfect i looked, and
it almost brought me to tears. Kelly looked just as
gorgeous, and as we watched Dusitn pull up and step out of
his car, the excitement i felt in my heart felt as though
it would burst out of me. I literally jumped up and down
yelling "he looks so hott!" and giggling hysterically. We
looked so perfect together... he gently slid my corsauge
onto my wrist, as we all tried to pin on his bootneer. (my
mom ended up breaking it and having to get a new one!) We
left my house to go to caitlins, and as we were driving, I
looked over at him... He didn't know it, but i just sat
there and stared for the longest time... taking in how much
i loved him, not just because he was beautiful, but because
he loved me. We arrived at caits and as i walked in
everybody was yelling and hugging and it was awesome. We
took afew pictures and then we all went to Basta to eat.
Cait and Brock got a little lost on the way, but it all
ended up fine. The food was so good, and so was the
company. We all could've stayed there and talked for ever.
Except nick and chris were trying to light the place on
fire! lol- they're pyros!!! We went to the dance next, and
as soon as i walked in the door Kevin came up to me. I
introduced him to dustin (which was a bit awkward) but it
was all good. We danced, got our pics, and then we headed
off to Caitlins. The BEST TIME EVER!! we watched monty
python and me, dustin, cait, brock, mattie, grant, amy,
trent, sam, mere, chris, kendon, and tighler all snacked on
bananna bread, mm's, and ALL KINDS OF FOOD! it was so much
fun! thats all i can say. I wore dustins gold pants and
cait's cheerleading shirt all night~ after the guys left,
it was just us girls ready to be crazy! Caitlin and I
shared her couch and everyone took crazy pics. We watched
TV and movies til 3 in the morning, when caitlin and i were
snuggling with feet, and throwing pretzels! I stragly awoke
on the floor tho! lol- to truely understand all of the fun
we have, you'll have to look at the pics, or just be there!
Oh- and BTW- at a little after 12 (when the guys were
leaving) Brock and Caitlin were outside, and he asked her
out. SOOOOOOOO CUTE! You can just tell that they are
perfect for eachother, its just the way he stares at her,
and looks into her eyes, into her heart, even when she's
not looking... he looks at her with such gentlness, and
care, its the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.
The day after homecoming Dustin asked me out, while we were
at his house. Cait and Brock have the same aniversary as
us. And it has now been 2 weeks and a day. :)

Since then i have experienced so many new things, and felt
so many new emotions. New and old, I love it all. And all I
can say is that I love my friends with all that I have, and
all that I am. They are, and always will be the most
important part of me.