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life of a porn star
2001-10-09 01:56:52 (UTC)

columbus day

so today i had off of school and i woke up andwent online.
lu was on so i picked her up and went to tim hortons for
coffie and to hang out with old people. lol. ten i come
home and find out that maggie is going out with greg. im
ok with that bc i only like greg as a friend but i reall
dont need to hear them talk about each other. i dunno so
then i hung out with greg and we went to some park by the
river with a feild. i think we were in weatfeild lol. so
then i came home went online again and then i called maggie
and then i called cara and talked to her for a long time
about stuff. i dunno i am so frustrated bc i am so afraid
of messing up things that could hapen with ed. that would
suck bc i just got hurt by tom and that sucked. so now a
few weeks later i kno i will be hurt again bc we haven even
gone out and he isnt talking to me. so i am feelin quite
rejected and i want to cry. low self estemm day ya kno? o
well im out.