my name?

my boring life
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2001-10-09 01:46:44 (UTC)


I hate jermeyb so much hes such an asshole i hope he dies
and i mean that....(well right now anyways). He always
tells my bf that she shouldnt hang out with me because im a
bad influence and im not! i havent fuckin done anything
wrong. I dont know why he talks so much shit about me i
didnt fuckin do anything to him! AHHHH i hate him so much!
Today was cool. Sam came over we chilled for awhile. I dont
know what i want to be for holloween! Sam is bein a rock
star and Megans being a goth...i dont know what i wanna be
yet, i gotta decide soon though! IDK what were doin yet
tho. I wonder what my 'Friends' say about me when im not there i mean
because when im there they all act like they like me and stuff...but
i wanna know what they say about me when im not there...well if they
do say anything about me...o well this is getting madd gay so im
gonna go!