F*cked Up Thoughts
2001-10-09 01:29:37 (UTC)

this may be the new "Fucked Up Thoughts"..................

anyways, if i get this bitch to work, it may be the
new "Fucked Up Thoughts".

not much happened today since it was canadian Thanksgiving
Day. lol. i spent the whole day cleaning and re-arranging
my fucking room. so it looks decent now, all i have to do
is wash my walls and re-arrange my posters. that is going
to take a while, but i think i'll do that later on in the

all i have to remember to do is get up early and actually
go to my morning classes. ooh thats gonna be fuckin' tough.
i hate waking up early!!! fuck sakes. i hope no one pisses
me off tomorrow. or i'll be fuckin' ripping their fuckin'
head off if they get in my fuckin' face.

fuck, i have to start writing again. i can't stand not
being able to write songs. i have so many things to write
about but i dont know how to compile them together in order
for them to make sense. fuck!!!!!!!!

anyways, i cant fuckin wait to go to fuckin' winnipeg. i
finally get to escape from this shithole for a couple of
days. i have to go to the malls, i haven't been there for 2
years. i hope i can find some slipknot shit to buy. cuz i
really really need a lunchbox or a new bag.

so anyways, right now im listening to an interview with
Corey Taylor. its pretty fuckin' cool. fuck i wish the TSN
channel wouldn't be so fucked up so i could watch
wrestling. ugh! i cant believe they were in winnipeg and i
didnt go! there's nothing left to talk about, so until next