Until Tomorrow
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2001-10-09 01:10:10 (UTC)

Heart of Confusion

I never thought being a 20 year old girl would be so hard.
So many choices and struggles. It makes me sick. Well my
boyfriend lied to me again. Nothing big, just more of
those pesky little things. It makes me sick! And of
course somehow it turned into my fault, like I was blowing
it out of proportion. Well yeah after the hundreth time,
and no "I'm sorry for lying" you get a little sick of
repeating myself. Sometimes I wish that other guy I like
would make up his mind about dating me. One day he is so
nace and the next he is like a pain in the ass. That makes
me ill too. I feel like I am a everyones anger target.
For example, this guy I like we will call him Shawn, is so
perfect for me. We like the same things and the same taste
in friends. But as I said before, He won't date me until
his friend has a girlfriend. It may sound weird, but the
three of us are ALWAYS together. We don't want to make him
feel left out, and I used to date Shawn's friend and we are
not sure how that guy will handle us dating. But in the
mean while I am still dating this pain in the ass. I don't
want it to sound like I don't love him, because I do very
much. It is just that sometimes you won't a boyfriend that
you don't have to support and baby, yah know. Please write
if you have any comments:)

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