abby c

wow... that sucks
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2001-10-09 01:04:18 (UTC)

happy now?

the lyrics to seasons by good charlotte and november rain
by guns and roses are so perfect when i think about me and

.......things are takign a turn for the BEST now

i got an email from ed, it was a good email
(even tho kelli reminded me about how i told her how ed
likes to change his mind alot, i dotn care... hes just
confused and i am too)

and me and marc are just friends, good friends

him and kelli might be working out again... i was just on
the phoen with him and i said soemthgina dn then eh was
liek "aby, you just fixed all my problems without even
doign anything" (somethign liek that) and i was like "oh,
good marc i am glad" and he said "hey aby, i'll see you
tomorrow okay, i have to call kelli"

how wonderful :..)

but my parents are fighting right now.... and i can hear

and soon my mom will tell me to get off here, so i better
just go now before i get yelled out for not ebign in my
room when they are fight (thats the rule now)


*me n kel are bff haha, duhhh but today we pierced our ears
together... 2 on the top............... ha, and i mgith eb
gettin dreads

ahhhhhhhh bye!

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