"My Wonderful Life"
2001-10-09 00:47:32 (UTC)

My day at school

weekend was a bomb. Today was ok i left for the first time
in two weeks an dmy legs are sore and tried. but i will
live. 2 was bad i made antother bad grade on a test and I
studied and now how do you do that i Tried to pass it and
failed it my grade was like a 47. So i was glad we did not
have to get them signed cuz i would have died.3 was good my
teacher was out and maybe even tomorrow and we watched
indepentence day so that was pretty kool. 4 was good
Tiffani was looking good as usual! Practice it was ok but
we had to run and I might be playing free Saftey and i dotn
know about taht but if i have to i will. I dotn know about
Quarterback. I am a little sore but that is just becuz i
have nto done it in a while. I guess i am going to go
since i had a alright day. #3