Wandering Soul

2001-10-09 00:47:09 (UTC)


--It's 7:50..or near around that, and I haven't seen Glenn-
chan yet today..I wish I knew where he was. Man I miss him.
I'm sure he's find..but my mind won't rest until I see him
I guess I'm just a little lonely..still..
I hope I get to see him before I have to leave for the

Gotta run. Japanese homework.

Ja, mata.

PS. I'll post later, re-edit this one, to let you know if I
see him tonight or not.

PSS. - -phew- Glenn-chan's fine, his phone line was just acting up a
bit. Thank Goddess he's alright, though. Well, this is my last post,
so, until tomorrow. Oyasuminasai.