i love mullets.
2001-10-09 00:38:42 (UTC)

Entry #2's the weekend-and-Monday recap. Friday,
after going around school the whole day pondering this guy
situation, I ran into cute football player guy in the
parking lot, and my crazy, instinctive side blurted out an
invitation for him to go to the football game with me!
Well, he said yes, and we ended up going and having a GREAT
time... he was really nice and funny one on one, and he
even said that he was glad he came with me! When I got home
(late) that night, there was a message from the ex-
boyfriend saying "A little birdy told me something..." I
emailed him back asking what but it was quite late and time
for me to get some sleep as I had to leave early the next
morning to go out of town. I stayed out of town all day
Saturday and got home around 3 o'clock Sunday, where
another lovely email was awaiting me when I got home. I
emailed him back, this time telling him that no, I REALLY
didn't know what he was talking about, then went to the
library, home groups for church, and got home about 3 hours
later. Of course, another email was in my inbox, this time
saying "Whatever, Mrs. (last name of the football guy)."
Well then! I quickly informed him that we were just
friends, despite finding it humorous that he was all bent
out of shape... which was usually my job in our
relationship, to worry about other people. Drew got on AIM
later on and we talked, and of course he kept mentioning
that guy! Finally, I was fed up and told him so, to which
he replied, "I'm sorry, it just hurts me to hear about yall
being together. I finally know how you felt when you heard
stuff about me and other girls. I'm sorry for not
understanding sooner." WHOA!!! I was extremely pleasantly
surprised. Well, that conversation ended, I wrote an
English paper, and went to sleep. The next day (today) was
routine... well, except for lunch, when Cute Band Guy and
his friend helped me get my bookbag untied from a table at
lunch (thanks to the guys at my table for that)! After
school, I went to practice and my best friend informed me
that Football Guy had seen her, and seemed really quiet,
except for asking her, "Does she like me?" (she being me!)
Well, well, well. The rest of the afternoon she spent
trying to convince me to like the guy. But I'm still not so
sure! WHAT TO DO?! Let me pause for a brief moment of
rationality: 1) I don't even know who I like. 2) I don't
even know if Cute Band Guy likes me... he is friendly with
lots of girls. 3) Can I even date a guy a little younger
than me? Anyone with answers, email me!
[email protected]