All in the Night
2001-10-09 00:13:29 (UTC)

My ever so boring weekend

Hmm...it's been a few days since i've updated so i guess i
should start with my weekend. OK well like i mentioned in
an earlier post, i spent from like12:30 until like2:30 on
the phone with Doug late Friday night (or Saturday morning,
whatever you want to call it). OK so that was kinda weird
at first b/c he was really really drunk and everythign he
said was kinda slurred. BUt basically he told me that he
was still interested in me... soo....that was kinda weird.
OK Well anyways, my parents went out of town Saturday
morning and then abotu 6:30 Sarah came over...we were
supposed to go to either Elizabeth Manual's party, or to a
big party at Guilford college and stay the night with Doug,
but thanks to a certain person, we didnt' go to either.
Let me see, we ended up talking on the phone to Matt and
Andrew...Lol i think we pried too much into some of their
more personal experiences ;) Umm...so then we rented two
movies, and had like a pigout session...ok to make this
short we ended up going to sleep at abotu 4 or seomthing
and then we woke up at like 11. We had to be ready for a
meeting at about quarter til 1 and then it ended at abotu
5:30. So i went home and then i ended up going on a dat
with Chad. We met Lee and his friend Courtney and saw
Joyride. I have to say that after watching all those
freaky movies this weekend...i dont like scary
things!!!!!! Oh Andrew looked good today.....anyways i'm
tired of typing so i guess that's all.