Just Another Dumb Blonde
2001-10-08 23:54:27 (UTC)


life is so complicated. it totally messes with your head!!
my life rite now is 50/50... 50% is good 50% is bad. the
good is really good, but the bad is really really baaaad.

people behind my back say im a slut. but then someone
tells me im really sweet, or funny. then i have a great
boyfriend (as of saturday), but one of my best friends
seems to hate me because i am with him (she liked him A
LOT). i am a failure when it comes to skool, i dont think
ihave passed ONE test. but then im good at putting make up
on people and making their beauty shine thru. i always get
caught when i wanna try to get away wih someting, while my
friends NEVER get caught. then everyone loves them and
hates me. well it seems that way at least.
ijust wanna tell evryone that i am not a dirty whore, and
i want them to BELIVE me!!! its so frusterating when no one
belives u.... and i cant do anything about it. i really
cant. i just have to wait and hope people stop telling
these lies. but it suuuuuux!!!! GOSH!!! i hate this!!!! and
im sick so im sneezing and coughing and sniffleing
everywhere. and i failed my drivers license test. good lord
my life isnt 50/50, its more like 70/30! hah...
damn i wanna talk to jeff... my boyfrined... i think i
fucking love him dammit. but i cnt tell him, i dont wanna
scare himaway... hes so scared of comitment. i already
kinda hinted that i loved him, but he semed like AHHHH so i
made it a joke kinda. dammmiiiiiit, weve been "seeing" each
other for only a month.... but i fell in love with adam, my
long time boyfriend, in about a month. all so confusing.
ugh. i have to go and do about 5 hours worth of homework
now! yayyyyyy.......

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