Life in General
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2001-10-08 23:47:38 (UTC)

J. Lo's marriage

Oh, can we discuss that? I can't believe that she actually
married Cris, the choreographer. He is fine, better looking
than P. Diddy(I like Puff Daddy better), but he is just a
choreographer. Far below her standards. After Puffy, she
should have moved on to someone bigger, not the other way
around. Grant it, Cris may be a better match for her, but a
far as celebrity-wise, he is just Mr. J. Lo. Puffy had is
own life and fame. The dress was pretty and was his tuxedo,
but I miss J. Lo and Puffy. They were like hip-hop royalty.
She should have just kept Cris as her man, her boyfriend,
her booty. Arm candy. Never husband, because when they get
divorce, and you know that they will, he is going to take
her for everything she's got. She has the money, and the
fame. What did he have to offer? Interesting to see how
this pans out.

Peace out,


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