the black lace box
2001-10-08 23:46:58 (UTC)

Ma Cherie!

I like "Ma Cherie" by Malice mizer. It's a nice song. ^_^
Well, I didn't end up going to the fabric store, but
hey...we've got Friday off for school, so I'll go then. =)

I forgot I had some band stuffs to do after school... I
have to help organize a Michael Jackson dance for my
marching band's homecoming routine ^_^;;; hooo boy. And
can y'all believe our directors won't even let us do the
signature moves? Crazy, I tell ya!

However, I _DID_ eat fudge today! Mmmmmm. Only like htree
bites but.... =|~~~~~ Then I went upstairs and taught
myself Raphael no "Akikaze no Rhapsody" on my guitar...cos
I felt like it. =P The 12 strings on my accoustic are fingers ingnite when I play it, yet when I
pick my electric, the 9's feel reaaaaaal nice, lol. I
probably -shouldn't- have 9's on there *cough* I'm afraid
I'll snap them too easily...come very close, yes yes. On
the other hand, I've got a huge stack of 11's for my
eletric next time I need to change strings ^_^ 3 packs for
$10!! *dance dance* hmmmMMMMmmmMmmMmmMmmmm.


I dunno, just rambling now, hehe ^_^;