Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2001-10-08 23:21:10 (UTC)


me and emily both write, and for some reason she cant seem
to write her great poems, and its been like this ever since
she started going out with adam, three months in 4 days,
and i cant write ever since i became "happy". interesting

the weekend was great!

Fri - day began as crap... didnt get voted most artistic, some girl
who dont take art classes did.. grr, had big really big break down
and went balisitic on like 4 teachers and a nurse, then i got food
and talked to the wonderful mom and got to see darren when i normally
dont so it got all better, but i am still pissed!
hung out with darren at his friends house with her
boyfriend, and we played Risk. it was fun cause though i
had maybe 4 countrys by the time we called truthes, there
was no way anyone was going to take iceland from me, cause
i had 33 troops on it, he he, they didnt even fit on the
picture of iceland. that was mine! and then we watched part
of fantasia, i think thats how its spelled, and it was fun!
then his mom was nice enough to give me a ride home, she is
really nice.

Sat - Ohh, parade, had to run to the store at the butt
crack of dawn, and not my dawn, the actual dawn, to get
white white white shoes, but lucky for me, they were on
this mad huge sale, that was good! then i get to the school
for the brunch, and darren, yay, was there with all the
other band peeps watching looney toons!?! yeah, they still
get a kick out of them, it was sad, but after a awhile, i
started laughing too, i love marvin the martian! and before
we went to eat my mom told me to make sure my dad, who eats
like a horse, eats, but doesnt say anything about me, who
doesnt eat barely anything. and then when i go to get the
food my dad had dissappeared and come to find out he was in
there, so i paid with the 5$ that i had in the pockets if
my soft pants, so when i went to the dance, i was 3$ short,
how sad is that, i had to mooch off trevor, who was hanging
with ryan, and i would have stayed to talk to them, but i
felt really un-wanted and mis-placed, so i didnt, i went
in, and eventually met up with darren, who in turn seemed
to get emily and adam to notice us, so we "hung out" at the
dance, and emily and adam are so cute together, and i was
so happy. i almost started crying at the dance, not because
i was sad, but because i was over filled with joy, shut
up!, and there is a specific reason behind that, but i dont
think the world should be able to get into my head like
that. ohh yeah, and during the football game, no i was not
being supportive, beth came over and ASKED ME if she could
use darren as a blanket! how stupid is that, emily told her
if she tried anything, and she ment ANYTHING with darren
that she would yank her boob off and send it to her mom and
i would yank the other off and send it to her dad, and then
she left, looking a bit scared, and darren came over and i
got a hug, and then me and emmy and adam and rachel all
went to the part to get away from the "pep" ^shivers^ beth
has some nerve, she even tried holding darrens hand friday,
i went spastic! how dare her! grrr

Sun - i went over to emmys and watched her little brothers
6 satanic friends terrorize... well... everything. and they
didnt go to bed until around 5 in the morning, and they
were back up making noise around 7 or 8! i wish i could be
like htat, but anyways i talked to darren on the phone yay,
and me and em sat up all night and talked about darren and
adam and where and what we would be doing eleven years, at
the 10 yr high school reunion... we better still be
friends, but we were having so much fun and we did
eachother up and made me look alive and made emmy look, not
like a mother. it was fun. we even were talking about baby
names, dont ask, and she says that she likes the name
victoria celestia, it would be named after me, he he! and
my fav name would be jon-michelle... i dunno why, its just
flows so nicely... and i like jonathan alexander for a boy,
pending on which i have first, if i have kids at all, and
if i have a boy first i have a back up name for a girl.

Mon - woken by the noise of several demons running and
frolicking down the hall, it was fun! sarcasm, dont ya love
it? and then the day began. chris came over and had his new
car, which is a 1989 ford probe with a v-4 engine and was
turbo charged, barely taken care of, and saying that he
could be out my dawnnys probe which is a 1993, i think, v-6
turbo charged and babied, ha, how pathetic is that? dawns
car can kick ass and take names later! :) then when i came
home, and getting ready to eat, darren called, which i dont
mind, cuase eating doesnt really seem all that important to
me anymore. so i just talked to him the started eating,
creamed peas on toast and fried green tomatos, both of
which darren has never had/ heard of, and he hasnt heard of
putting vinegar on french fries! =-O and he doesnt even
like vinegar!!! =-O

okay well that's my weekend, i think i am going to go read
other diary's and do homework, and then go to bed, cause i
am dead tired! okay, ta ta everyone!

Happy Giddy Vicki!