That's Youth
2001-10-08 23:16:55 (UTC)

freedon of expression

ok so all i wanna do is go home for the weekend, any
weekend, i miss my family, i miss my friends. but no,
basically i am kicked out of my house, even if i find
another ride home, i cant go to my house, my parents wont
see me. wanna know why? b/c i have pink hair! i love my
pink hair, it is my way of expressing myself, my
individuality! i love it and i won't change it until I want
to. but no, my dad hates me, my mom hates me, even my
sister is saying i should just dye it back. whatever. i am
standing my ground, i am a punk rock girl, and i will not
conform or be like evrybody else, i am me, i love my pink
hair, i don't care if i never get to go home again, its the
priciple of the thing! it's like morals or something. i
dunno, all's i know is that i find this completely
rediculous!oh well i guess there's not much to go home to
anymore anyway. poots a jerk, he hates me for some reason.
my cuzin and my sister r the only ones who care about me
and want to see me. fuck everybody else. as catch 22 says,
i don't need anyone! i will survive on my own, i have for
over 18 years already, what's another 18?