Wandering Soul

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2001-10-08 23:10:53 (UTC)

Something More. Ramblings.

--Emotions seem to be rocking back and forth today between
decent, and overwhelming fear of depression. Wow. This
kinda sucks.
But life will move on, reality will crush anything that
gets in it's way, and keep going, leaving the crushed
ideals and thoughts behind. Whatever works, as so many say.

~But is that always the case for everyone, and everything?
Life seemed to stop the day of the attacks upon our
country. It seemed that reality itself stood still and
mourned together with us.
It makes one wonder of the forces, if any, controlling this
world. Is it one god/dess, or many? Are there higher beings
at all? Perhaps it was our own stopping of time, work,
quarrels, and divisions of class or race that halted
reality to a dead-stop within it's tracks.
For, though it could be of my own creation, it seems to me
that we held our hands out, and forced reality to stop as
we weeped for our fallen Americans.
And what of it now? Reality has pushed on, knowing great
well that time will bring healing- as well as more
suffering. Suffering for those who cannot heal, for those
who now have no family, suffering for those affected by our
bombings, and with it, the ultimate release of anger, and
the welcome taste of sweet, bloody revenge.
Almost an awful emotion, but so comforting when you think
of it.
So many people, myself included to an extreme, would..just
kill for the chance to put the bullet into bin laden's
sick, twisted brain. I have to admit I am included in this-
I'm not ashamed of it. So many of the American people now
wouldn't mind that chance, either.
But what is it to kill? To take one's life, to stop one
from breathing, to destroy a soul, to vanquish one from
this mortal coil..or is it to forever stain one's hands
with the blackness of anothers' blood?
For this occurence- I would not even consider the latter.
After the heartless, cruel things that bastard has done to
our grand country, it would lay no grievance upon my
concious to steal away the life that..human..doesn't
deserve. And mind you- I use the term human merely to coin
his race, nothing more..for he is lower then humans in my
opinion. Lower then every race upon this planet, and else.
But in the end, I'm truly not that heartless. I would think
upon it forevermore, but not with a stinging pain. Moreso,
with a liberating freedom of knowing the experience.
It makes you wonder how many people were awakened to
realize this hateful crime wasn't part of some war game,
but a terrifing, sick act..a barbaric declaration of war
upon freedom.
Well, bin laden, you're about to realize that we Americans
won't take your shit. Enjoy your last few, fear-filled days.
You don't have long on this Earth.


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