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2001-10-08 23:06:00 (UTC)

Acceptance is EXCELLENT

October 8, 2001

Dear Diary,

I am so happy!!!! This has been the best day of my 7th
grade year!!!!! I just got accepted to the Educational
Talent Search Scholarship Program!!!! And I am only in the
7th grade too! Only 4 other kids got accepted in the 7th
grade and I got to be one of them!!!!!! I am so happy. :)
Everyone is so poud of me. Attention is good but acceptance
is a little better!!!!!!!!!!!:) Today was really special.
That is why I wrote about it, but any other timeI write in
this I will write poetry. Only special days and things and
quotes will be recorded in this. That is what makes a diary
special to me, when you read it there are so many special
things inside.

Infinatly Yours,
Sarah Elizabeth Williams

7th grade
Chisum High School