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2001-10-08 22:56:31 (UTC)

going to melisandas

today i went to mela's... we walked downtown and we walked
to cumberland farms and got stuff to drink.. then we went to
that coffee place near there and i got a donut and she got a
bagel after that we walked downtown i decided i wanted to
dye my hair red so we went to sally's and this lady helped
us pick out stuff.. she "SAID" the hair dye wasn't really
red but after we got home and put it in my hair we figured
out that lady was bull shit... it was really red then we
went on icq for a little bit and we went outside again and
walked to carvel...

then we came back and we chilled outside for a little bit
andd talked to chris then my dad came! i came home and my
mom was being a bitch about my hair she said it was too red
adn looked liek shit i got pissed i ttold her to deal with
it cuz i liek it..

yah well now im really bored this is why im doing this.. i
was just talkin to lauren on the phone but she hung up
becuase she had to go wlel anyways.... thats mainly it