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2001-10-08 22:50:39 (UTC)

The First Entry...

Well... here I am, for the first time! The main reason that
started this journal was just to VENT about everything
that's going on in my life! As nice as it is to have
friends and parents that care about me, I just want to be
able to always give the whole story... which is not
something I can always do. Anyway, let me just start off by
giving you the background on some recent happenings in my
life. First of all, I am an honors student involved in
practically everything possible. Some might even consider
me intelligent. I go to church, and do lots of activities
with that, and I absolutely LOVE to shop. Up until a month
ago, I had a great and loving boyfriend, Drew, that I dated
for a year and a half. Well, we are currently not together
anymore, alas, we are "friends", but you know how awkward
that situation can be. More on that later. Anyway, now, the
most interesting thing in my life (besides Precal... haha)
has been this ever-developing guy situation. Through my
high school years, I've noticed that whenever I swear off
guys (not for good, but I pretend it's like that for a week
or so) guys just happen to fall in my lap. (not literally.)
For the first 2 weeks or so, I was naturally upset about
the whole breakup thing, the third week, I started to see
some positivity in the whole thing, and last week...
well... hmmm. It really started last Monday, when I
happened to ask this guy what time it was and we ended up
talking the entire way into the school building... and what
do you know... he was cute! In that tall, skinny, dark eyes
and hair kind of way. And sweet, and... you get my picture.
Needless to say, I developed a crush! We also ended up at
the tennis match together and talked the entire time, and
ended up finding out about his band (!) and other stuff...
but, he doesn't hang out in my group, and I wonder if he'd
even consider dating a "socialite" like myself. On
Thursday, the same day as the tennis match, I ended up
driving home this football player who has always been
flirty with me. He was sweet, even asking me if I had a
boyfriend which prompted me to give him a brief explanation
of the whole Drew situation. Well, he ended up riding with
me to the grocery store and dad's office (I was driving his
car.. the convertible-- yay!!) Anyway, he ended up telling
me he LIKED ME right before he dropped me off. Well... he's
cute... but what to do?! Too many guys, (is that a problem?)