2001-10-08 22:50:09 (UTC)

Insanely Hyper

ok-i've been drinking WAY too much coke...
*must remember not to do so in the future*
do you ever get really paranoid and think that little crazy
monkeys are crawling on your ceilings???
i do.
its scary.
to ashley- I LIVE IN THE DRAWER!ok...i really dont know
what the fuck to write about at the moment...except for the
fact that there is someone lying on my floor bleeding and
choking on a roach i shoved down their throat. *grin*
to anyone out there...what would you be if you could be one
thing??? or have one thing??? or add something to
yourself??? leaving. i'll come back when i want to rant and
rave about something interesting...bye bye little ones...

(there really isnt a dead person in my house)