2001-10-08 22:01:40 (UTC)


right now its mon...
had class, picked c-L0 up from work passed by jersey
gardens mall and got a knoxville shirt 4 $4!
im listening to shades apart...
and this is how the weekend unfolded...
fri: After school n work met up with some friends and went
to kareoke @ the usual spot round midnite! i had 2 coke n
hennys, we video taped, and after doin a melissa ethridge
song some chick bought me a drink twice the size of the 2 i
had! IDK! she was cool though. then chilled in front of
*claudia's house, bugged out n strolled in round 4 am.
sat: got up round 11am , adam woke me up, he's not a late
sleeper. we countinued messin around with my video camera
documeting useless crap, thats the new weekend thing. we
even filmed a flock of lunch @ portugal
express with *c-dawg it was bangin! then she had to go
somewhere so we bought some paint n brushes @ cost cutters
and painted the butternut squash we stole from a field down
in swedesboro the other week! met back up with *c, went to
lonestar for dessert n drinks, cause scotts the bar tender
now. movin on up baby! ADROK left 4 home :(,then picked up
c-L0 from her party, we went in and danced a hot pass by angelos party in roselle. i ran into
some blasts from the past... drank a tad, scott called me
so w left to meethim @ mcD's also lena called and met up w/
a few people so we all past back by the party! most people
there were pretty gone- it just wasnt my nite i guess... i
needed to bring christa home n by the time we got back lena
n them had left. so we theifed 3 beers, came backo my house
n chilled in the jcuzi till 5 inda mornin!
sun: mom dukes woke me up @ 9:30 am! too damn early i had a
lil hangover... we went up to belvedere for the actual
family gathering for angelo. *hes going over seas to kick
some @$$~ airborn infantry* it was fun i got dirty playin
football with my litle cousins, c-L0 n i caught a ride back
w/ UJ... but we needed to kill some time b4 goin to
actaully say goodbye to angelo- so we did a few drive bys
no one was home and decided 2g2 cafe java in westfield
where i havent been in ages... ran into some peeps yet
again- this one kid steve i went to HS with who was on his
way tho the 3rd in a series of house parties at some kidz
hous in westfield that weekend. said we should come, and u
know me- wheres da bacardie @!! we swung by i ran into some
kidz i used to chill with in cast. after met back up with *S
passed by UJs said peace,made a wendys break, i wore my
alein mask goin through the DT,and some guy threw wrappers
@ me! DICK LOL.. dropped C-L0 off went to my fav park then home.
CONCLUSION : decent weekend
up next: hopefully going to Edgar Allen Poes house next sat
n gettin cheeses steaks since its in PHILLY!

"civilization rises up, cities come into view, mirages of
places i once went with you"

*׫(¨·.¸¸(¨·.¸¸.·° º Renº °·.¸¸.·¨)¸¸.·¨)»×*