buffalo girl

phsycho's life
2001-10-08 22:01:19 (UTC)

mom's sick:(

yeah, that's right....my mom's sick today. i was helpful
today! i got up, did chores, took a shower, made lunches,
and went to school. i'm bein the mom today cuz i get to do
chores tonite and make supper. i should do that soon. we get
to have pizza YUMMY!!!! i got 31/40 (that's a B-) on the
history test that i studied forever on. that sux really bad
cuz leah didn't study and she got 32. chelle didn't study
and she got 31. that makes me feel really stupid. grrrr. i
don't like school. science is fun tho. there's a lot of ppl
that i get along with in that class. like jordan, kt, zach,
derek, and more. it's fun! i think that i'm gonna go make
supper now cuz i'm gettin hungry!