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2001-10-08 22:00:54 (UTC)

Well...I suCk


Well..i suck! thats my new entry name. Cuz see..last night
I showed Brian something..that I shouldnt have (no u sick
perverts..im talking about a conversation). It was between
me *n* somebody. well....i 4got that i had said something
about who he liked in it. and it had who they liked..which
wasnt him. and he SAYZ hez not mad or sad..but i just feel
SOOOOOOOOO bad 4 doing that!!!!!! Newayz..we went 2 this
stupid tournament 2day and we were so happy when my mom
showed up cuz she had food =-D~ we were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo
hungry~!!! u just dont understand! hehe! well all of the
albrown ppl lost (of course). 2 bad. so our season is over!
well newayz i think im going 2 go study 4 some ELP Midterm

Luv YaLL~


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