Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2001-10-08 21:44:52 (UTC)

An Open Letter to Sara...

Dear Sara...

I'm so glad you are coming back to town next month, it'll be nice
to see you again. I can cook you up something special for a
welcome home party... or something... I finally managed to get a
coffee table and some new shelving units. makes this little troll
hole of mine more cozy...

I thought you should know, that since you've reading my diary
entries that the only reason I haven't written about you is not
because of anything against you... it's just I have yet to get to that
chapter of my existance... oh there is so much to talk about, and
yet, I can't think of much to write down... writing, talking, one
would think they would go hand in hand... I have a lot to say to
you, a little more to write about to you... and I suppose that here
is as good as anywhere... since this is my forum, my cathartic
and only real creative outlet... I shall tell you some things...

Well, first let me start out by saying this... I don't love you.

Which is not to say that I can't see myself doing so, I think maybe
I can.. but it will take time, getting over someone, especially
someone whom I have been with for so long, and loved even
longer that we had been going out, will take alot out of me... I
need to recharge after I feel better about myself, and about life in

I would like to go out with you in a purely "lets date" fashion. I
know how much fun we had together last year... it would be fun,
you are so damned funny, and I love your wit... you are I find, to
be articulate, smart, well read ( wish I were), sensually erotic, fun
loving and down right a decent person...

I wonder why you want to go out with me?

I wonder many things, don't take it personally...

Anyhow, I think I will respond to your latest email...

This letter has been rather short, sorry about that...

I am just distracted by my mid-term tomorrow..

So, you take care, and I will ttyl...

~Fondest Desires & Regards~

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