2001-10-08 21:04:24 (UTC)

things i hate

hey its Monday sometime in october.... its also
columbus day so im not in school.
things i hate: Have you ever had one of your friends
like your other friend? its reallyyy annoying.... thats
where i am right now.. yep it sucks. My friedns are Crazy,
they do stupid things sometimes and evry once ina while we
all get in trouble for the stupid things(that happens more
than id like it to), but theyre the most trustworthy and
cool poeple i know too.
2nd thing i hate:the term best friends. Its really
stupid cuz i know ervyday someone else is a better friend
to me than another person but i dont like the person who
awasnt as good of a friend any less because they usually
make up for it. Is it better to have 1 best friend or a
tight group of friends? i think more is better in this
Another thing i hate:
HaHaHa when everyone is talking loud then all of a sudden
it gets quiet and your still talking really loud...that
always happens to me and im usually saying smoething pretty

LAst thing i hate: SCHOOL yep evryone agrees with that
one. Especially algebra..hey if anyone else got below a C
in math this term ur not alone, i am a dumbass too

thats it~