What's on my mind
2001-10-08 20:54:34 (UTC)

I hate

I am so sick in tired of the I am better than everyone
because I am a pussy. We should be better than the
terrorists and do nothing to harm them. Such bull shit.
The only thing that will happen if we do nothing is we will
lose more inocent lives. America didn't do anything to
start this. Hell we helped the Afgan's get rid of Russia.
We gave Bin Laden his weapons. Hell, he isn't even an
Afgan. He was kicked out of his country of Saudi Arabia.
This is a nut who just has to have someone to fight and he
doesn't care if it is Military or new born babies. There
is no peaceful way to get to him. Anyone who tries to
peacefully take him will get killed and then he will keep
on killing people in America. F all those violence only
begets violence. God say's good must battle evil. And
that is what we need to do. We are the good. We prove
that by being to only country in the world to offer food
money and protection to foriegn countries and we are hated
by some for that very reason. They twist are kindness to
fit there needs and these make peace not war people believe
them. Hell we need to transplant these people over there
and see how they like living like cave man with out TV,
food, and being executed because they aren't dressed
properly. Violence stops further violence and that is the
truth. What do you think the world would be like if Hitler
wasn't defeated. There would be Jews on the endangered
species list. So to all you I am better than you because I
can sit here and protest against those who protect us and
give us the freedom to be the dumbasses that we are I say F