Blood and Chocolate
2001-10-08 20:35:32 (UTC)


Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here ! I had such a crazy day ! OK First
Rachel is going to dump Hui and I am trying to be all " its
ok Hui I am sure she isn't breaking up with you " but at
the same time I want to tell him that she is going
to !!!!! AHHHH! Then I wrote Chris a note and I gave it to
Kati to give to him and she lost it !!!!! :( !!!!!
Grrrrr!!!!!!! I can't believe it ! It took me so long to
write !! OMG I am on the phone with her now and she just
found it !!!!!!! AHHHHH !!! Oh well She will give it to him
tomorrow ! OMG I have the worst pain in my chest ! It feels like when
I broke my sturnum !!! AHHH ! I Got smacked into today ! OMG I hope I
didn't re break it !!!! AHHH! It hurts so bad ! I can't even breathe
right !!! Holy shit it hurts!!!!! I have such a high pain tolerance
too ! WOW this isn't good ! Right now I am also reading one of the
best books called " Blood and Chocolate " Its such a good book ! My
brother has a soccer game but I don't think I am going to go cause I
really don't feel to hot ! I gotta bounce !