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2001-10-08 20:33:54 (UTC)

A phone call...

It was a lovely day(except for my HORRIBLE race).I got to
ride to and from our cc meet with joe in his car and we had
lunch together.Well i had to call him and give him some
info later that day and our phone call lasted a little
longer than i expected.Three hours longer.We just started
talking about anything and everything.Including "us".We
both agree that we are sure that we want to date after I
graduate and finally we know exactly what each other are
thinking.He has been wondering the same things I have I was
so amazed.Like we wonder what my parents will say when i
tell them that me and joe are going to the movies and they
are like "why?" he was like"i dont know if your parents
like me as you coach how are they going to like me as your
boyfriend?" We talked about each others opinions on things
like dating,marriage,drinking,and cats and dogs if you can
belive that.We have so much in common and we agree on so
much.He told me that it kind of scares him cause basically
im the closest to what he knows he wants in a wife that he
has ever found.He hasnt had a real girlfriend since his
like soph year in high school.His brother and sister are
both divorced and he doesnt want to end up like that also.
So he says he wont marry anyone unless he is 100% sure that
she is the one and wont date anyone unless he can possibly
see himself marrying her.It was weird cause I told him that
same thing and he was like"oh man i was about to tell you
that." We talked about what we wanted our marriages to be
like,children,me going to college,and just how wonderful it
was going to all be.We both want to marry a runner, we both
want to look 30 when we are 50,and we refuse to ever be out
of shape or get fat.I want him to start comeing to
church.with me and he wants to but he doesnt want people to
know him as my coach forever eventually he wants people to
say oh thats her boyfriend or thats the guy she is dating.I
understand what he is saying but i still want him in church.
Obviously no one was home during this time so my parents
dont know we talked.We both are real scared that sooo many
people are going to think we lied to them and we didnt lie
to them.Because we really havent we just havent told the
whole truth.but come on what do you think my parents would
say and if everyone knew he could lose his job.
But the conversation was wonderful.I told him "you know we
probally shouldnt be talking like this,"and he told me,"I
know but I have you now and Im going to take atvantage of
it." only 221 more days til graduation.