Dragons' Soul

Truth be told
2001-10-08 20:16:30 (UTC)


Tonight.. tonight..
Wont be just any night...

It's been so long since I have seen West Side Story. I had
to watch it in HS Choir. :sighs: I loved Choir. Band, too.
You know, it wouldn't be worth it to go to my 10 yr
reunion, because everyone that I knew in HS are just going
to think the very same things that they did while we were
still in HS. Which is a load of crock. Granted I wasn't the
classiest, best-dressed, smartest, funniest, athletic-
minded, voted most likley to succeed, kind of person. But I
was me. And that held more pride for me that you can ever
imagine. I wasn't cattle. I wasn't a bee. I was an
individual that had her own thoughts and ideas(most were of
s** and if I was going to get any. BTW, I was still a
virgin when I graduated.) :sigh: Kids these days have to
realize that it's not about the clothes or the hair or the
music. It's what you think about yourself inside that is
what's going to carry you through graduation and beyond. Do
you want to be known for that winning touchdown that you
threw in the homecoming game your senior year? Or do you
want to be known as the individual who, upon graduating,
started your own business, maintain an employee base of 23,
was featured in Forbes' 500 most successful people, and
owns their own 3 bed 2 bath home on 4 acres of land with no
payments to make and no loan, because you payed for
everything in cash? :laughs: You can make your own
decisions. Only you can make it happen.

:reading the entry: My goodness, where did that come from?

A good book to read is called "The Millionaire Next Door"

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