Princess Of Dreams

The Ups And Downs
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2001-10-08 20:15:51 (UTC)

The First Of Many

Upstate-Boring,freezing,cold,cows and horses....
Little house on the prarie, Mountains and rivers.

Its hard to believe a place like that is even in New York.
It may be beutiful to alot of eyes but to me it was
terrible. Personally, I hated it. I am glad I was only
there for one night, and Im glad Im home..

Today is Columbus Day and everyone has off. Im home from
school which is great becuase it was time for a break.
Things in school are starting to get hectic and unlike
middle school I cant just push it off. I really need 2 stop
all my bad habbits so I can do better. I know im capable of
doing good.

Wednesday is a Otown concert in Manhatten and I hope my mom
lets me go. I love otown (expecially Erik-Micheal)

I cant believe we bombed Afganistan! Well actually I can
believe it, in a sence its about time! But still.. I would
have never imagined livging through war. War to me was just
old stuff you read in a textbook. Stuff me or anyone I know
could ever understand fully. Stuff I never even cared
about. Basicly now, we are starting a war. I wonder how it
will turn out?

Well this is my first entry.. I am going 2 go explore this
site a little bit