lost in the dark
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2001-10-08 19:33:48 (UTC)

The day after...

Entry Saturday night well ended not as expect. I am
talking about after I got home. I know that it is now
monday and I am Finally saying what happened.
About 4:00am my door bell rings. I know who it was
ringing the bell. I was waiting for Star to show up after
the night out at the club. Hehehe. Man can she hold her
booze. Very proud of her. After her almost colapsing on the
stairs because she had a hard time walking up them, I
helped her into the apartment. Helped getting her boots off
and found some cloths for her to wear. She must of thought
that I did not have any clean cloths at all, keep on
commenting on how they smelled laundried. Heheh. By about 5
in the morning I was really tired and after listening to
Star talking in French/Sign/English, got her into bed. And
me being me or just a guy in general, trying not to give
the wrong impression, Started off lying about a foot from
her. Then she asked "What are you doing ?", Well since I
was trying to go to sleep my reply was "Trying to go to
sleep.", And then she asked "Y are you was lying so far
away?". Well, I snoggled up to her, because I know that it
was not the warmest of night. And just to have her in my
arm's Finally, felt good. Then about 8 or 9 in the morning
I wake up to find her sitting in the chair in the Living
room. She was sitting there with her knees up and head
down. I brought her back to bed and slept some more. If it
was not for Thanksgiving dinner over at my Brothers place,
I think that I would have like nothing more then to ly
there and sleep the day away with Star lying next to me.
Foolish I know. But, it felt good. I knew that nothing
other then that would have happened saturday night or
sunday morning. I will not take advantage of someone that
has been drinking that much. Even if asked. Because, I know
that it would have been the Booze that was talking. I look
forward to when I can hold her again.
Darkest Angel, the talk that we had while walking to the
bus Sunday evening was great and refreshing. Just like in
my other post, I know that there is no need to lie to you
or even attemp to lie to you. You would probly know if I
was anyways, heheh.
Thanksgiving dinner, Sunday. Entry, What a feast. I know
that I could have eat'n alot more food then I did. But, I
did not want to feel blotted because I was going out that
night to dance to a Wumpscut night at the club. Sister you
did one hell of a good job with the dinner. The food was to
die for, I don't think that I could even come close to how
good the food was for supper. Once again thanks to Sister
and Brother for having me over. Even though as soon as
Brother's Mother and Grand-mother showed up. Felt just
alittle underdressed. Brother no worries, still had a good
time :). How could you not have a good time when you have
three Med Tecks in the same room, heheh. Plus, you have
Brother and Myself being gaming guru's. That is a party
just waiting to happen, heheh.
The club night was not what I expected. There was some
good music playing, I was on the dance floor. I had the
feeling that something was missing. It was not an ordanry
night out. Just did not feel right at all. I am not too
sure if anyone that I was hanging with at the club could
actaully notice how tense I was. *Message on couch one
please* Ohh, well it was not that bad of a night anyways.
Had some fun so can't complain all that much.

Lost in the Dark...

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